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Ajaha Cymbals T-Shirt

Ajaha Cymbals T-Shirt

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Ajaha Cymbals...early Gretsch brand printed on front.  100% pre-shrunk cotton full cut for optimal fit.  Short sleeve.

AJAHA Cymbals produced cymbals from the 1910s through the 1970s. Ajaha cymbals appeared in the 1912 Gretsch catalog, fourteen years before Fred Gretsch Sr. registered the Zildjian brand in the United States. The 1941 Gretsch catalog says, "For almost thirty years American drummers have ranked Ajaha second only to K Zildjian." The telltale identifying mark is the signature "X.E. Ajaha on the underside of the cymbal bell. Some observe that the characters X and E resemble the Greek characters "hee" and "ksi."

 The last Ajaha cymbals were produced by Tosco-Italy, in the 1970s as a stencil brand supplied to Gretsch drums


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