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Gretsch Metal Coin Bank, Collector's Item

  • $19.95

Save some for a rainy day and for a Gretsch to come your way!  Check out these neat Gretsch coin banks!  Created in the classic tradition and vintage style that has made that Great Gretsch Sound so timeless!  Definitely a collector's item!
The Gretsch coin bank on which this reproduction is based was an early music education initiative by the company that first appeared more than 80 years ago-in 1930.  Those charming original coin banks encouraged children to save their "pennies and dimes" for a deposit on a Gretsch clarinet, cornet, saxophone, trombone, or drum at their local Gretsch dealer that would enable them to join the school band-thus ensuring "a musical education for every boy or girl."  Gretsch remains firmly committed to music education to this day, and it is in that spirit that we offer this authentic reproduction of our classic original 1930s-era coin bank.
Approximate size: 4-1/2" Tall x 3" Diameter

Choose either Gretsch Drums or Gretsch Guitars, or collect them both!

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